'Foggy's 5-Minute Uke Lessons'

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You won't hear ukulele - at least not as you know it - but you will be blown away by "Waiting To Feel The Sun" by uke-master Foggy Otis. The chiming tones in the arrangement provide a lush and impressive backdrop for the real star of this track, Foggy's craggy, heartrending vocal. As a metaphor for our national malaise from covid-19 or simply a beautiful pop song that finds optimism redeeming heartbreak, "Waiting To Feel The Sun" impresses on every level.” - Jim Testa, Jersey Beat
Do you think you know what a ukulele sounds like? Foggy Otis is about to make you rethink that with his beautiful new single "Waiting To Feel The Sun.” - blowupradio.com
You've got some skills my friend” - Blair Jackson, author of Garcia: An American Life, Grateful Dead Gear and editor of Ukulele magazine

Why Learn Ukulele?

Learning to play any musical instrument will stimulate the brain while improving memory and abstract reasoning.

Playing ukulele has a calming effect that has been proven to lower heart rate and blood pressure while improving dexterity.

Ukuleles are inexpensive.

Ukuleles are portable.

Ukuleles are fun.

Aren't you ready for some fun!?

Why Learn With Foggy?

With over 25 years experience as a professional educator, Foggy is an expert at planning meaningful instruction around individual student needs.

Foggy's chord-based curriculum requires no prior knowledge of music theory or the need to read music, making it perfect for the absolute beginner.

For the intermediate and advanced player Foggy offers instruction in chord inversions, lead playing, alternate tunings, transposing and performance.

Lessons are available both remotely via Zoom and in-person.